Important notice! Consalnet Partners is now INQEO - please go to to place your orders. From 09.11.2018 orders placed on this website will NOT be processed. Please also ensure all invoices and records are downloaded before this date.

The Consalnet Partner Portal

With our intuitive and easy to use Partner Portal website, you can access a full suite of resources designed to help you sell Consalnet products online.

The Consalnet Partner Portal is owned and operated by JDS Partners, strategic e-commerce partner to the Consalnet Group.

Online Catalog

At you can browse our full range of products quickly and easily. Use search filters such as size, product type, model code, colour, room, person, and theme to quickly narrow down results. Use the quick view tool to see a preview, available sizes and add to Wishlist or order list without leaving the search page.

Create collections easily

Using the Wishlist function on our partner website you can add products to a virtual selection list (saved in your account). From your Wishlist you can print, email or order your products. In addition, you can view collections made by our sales team - these groups of products are a great starting point for making or developing your product selection.

Online ordering and account management

Add items to your order list and checkout directly from the Partner Portal website! You can choose to ship items to your store or warehouse, or dropship directly to your customer. Invoices can be downloaded from your account at any time. Pricing is determined by your account manager and applied using a unique customer code when ordering. Shipments can be tracked by simply logging in to your account.

Easy data

From the Portal website you can download comprehensive product data files (in CSV or Excel formats). These data files can be easily and simply modified in excel or a text editor for quick upload to almost any system. You can start selling online within days!

Great images

All products have a full selection of high-quality images available. You can download them directly from the Partner Portal website or use the data files to upload to your system (using simple URLs).

Media and graphics

From the Portal website you can find and download great selling resources for use on your sales channels, such as; high resolution graphics and other images, embeddable videos, documents, and other content.

To use the Consalnet Partner Portal, please sign-up for an account. Once approved you will have full access, will be supported by a dedicated account manager, and will be able to place orders.