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Logistics & Packaging

Consalnet offers unrivalled logistic capabilities, enabling a huge range of options to best suit your business.

Worldwide shipping within days

Our long-standing business relationship with our logistics partners DPD and DHL enable us to ship 30kg packages almost anywhere in the world within 7 days for extremely competitive rates.

We can print, pack and ship single orders directly to your customers or production facility. For an example; printing, packing and delivery of a wallpaper mural direct to the customer in Germany on average takes 3 days from receiving the order and costs €3,00. The same mural can be delivered to the UK in 4 days, or the USA in just 6 days.

See Full Delivery Destinations & Rate Table

Experts in dropshipping

Thanks to our extensive internet sales, we have perfected our dropshipping process over the last 4 years. Over 100,000 individual packages are dropshipped from our facility in Poland directly to customers every year.

Dropshipping opens huge new opportunities to offer your customers up to 40.000 Consalnet products with zero investment in stock required! Products are printed to order and ship directly to your customer, wherever in the world they may be.

Dropshipping is particularly suited to in-store kiosk sales, e-commerce, and for offering full customisation services.

Just-in-Time Production and Ordering

With small but regular deliveries of stock via DPD or DHL direct to your stores or distribution centers, you can offer a greater range of Consalnet products to your customers, with less capital investment, space, and risk.

Even more delivery options

Consalnet can arrange for pallet delivery across Europe, or for collection by your preferred logistics partner from our warehouse in Poland. Alternatively, up to 30kg per packet can be sent by DPD or DHL worldwide for exceptionally low rates. This can reduce lead times and may be more cost efficient than pallet delivery.

Packaging and Labelling

All products are available in either eye-catching retail packaging with full colour cartons/labelling, or ready-to-ship plain e-commerce packaging.

Our E-Commerce packaging has been extensively tested and developed via our online sales department over the last 4 years to ensure items are packaged sufficiently to arrive in perfect condition every time - helping you to maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction, reduce unnecessary expenditure, and lower the strain on customer service in your e-commerce business.