Important notice! Consalnet Partners is now INQEO - please go to to place your orders. From 09.11.2018 orders placed on this website will NOT be processed. Please also ensure all invoices and records are downloaded before this date.

Become a Consalnet Designer

Consalnet is one of Europe's largest and fastest growing manufacturers of wall art products, with a number of sales channels across multiple countries.

We are constantly on the lookout for high quality designs and images. As a designer, photographer, or artist it is easy to submit your work to us and receive the following benefits;

  • Commission on all products sold - 15% of final sale price*
  • Full selection of products created to maximise sales of your designs or images
  • Products available via the Wallblox website, JDS Partners sales channels, and to hundreds of wholesalers, distributors, and retailers around the world via the Consalnet Partner Portal
  • Total group sales in excess of €14m
  • Monthly payments and sales reports

*price net of VAT or sales tax

How it works

  1. Images should be presented in .TIFF or .EPS format, at a minimum resolution of 6000x4000px (300dpi) for photo wallpaper, or 1280x1024px (150dpi) for canvas/glass/wood prints and window blinds.
  2. Please email your designs (low-res or watermarked) to our graphics department: You must include a spreadsheet in CSV or XLS format with the following information; image file name, resolution and dpi of original file, intended product range(s) if other than all products
  3. If you already have a portfolio and would like to submit it to us before creating specialised images or modifying existing images in order to receive an indication of whether your work is likely to be approved please feel free to do so.
  4. Please include your name, email, address, and a brief bio along with your images or portfolio link.
  5. Our graphics department will review your files and/or portfolio. If approved we will contact you and provide a contract to be signed and returned.
  6. Send high-resolution files along with a completed spreadsheet containing additional information required for our database (spreadsheet provided by us).
  7. Our graphics team create all suitable products, product images, and product data using our specialised software within 1 to 2 weeks. Products are then made available via the Wallblox website, Consalnet Partner Portal, and other applicable JDS Partners sales channels.
  8. Your items will be promoted to resellers on the Consalnet Partner Portal and on the Wallblox website to encourage sales.
  9. Every month you receive a sales report and payment.